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Stanford Wind Symphony

Stanford Wind Symphony  

MUSIC 161A - 01


Dear Musicians,

Greeting where ever you are! I hope this note will find you well and safe.

After struggling the entire Summer, and going back and forth on what to do with our beloved Wind Symphony, the Music Depart, Russ, and I decided that (at least for this quarter) the class will be Remote: Synchronous.

I am well aware that this is not ideal, that we are all eager to go back on the stage struggle through those rehearsals so that we can experience the excitement of the concerts. However, and the moment, there are so many limitations to what we can do in person that we just cannot make music in a meaningful way.

I promise you that I will explore every possible option so that we can try again in for the Winter quarter.

Meanwhile, it is crucial that we stay together and we keep our Wind Symphony community going.

We will meet via Zoom on Wednesday Evening from 5:30 PM until 6:50 PM.

We will talk about music related to our case, I will invite guests and I will give space to you, the students, to organize lectures.

Please sign up for the class: Wind Symphony MUSIC 161A - 01 (29416) and spread the voice to anyone who may be interested in the Stanford Wind Symphony.

The option for Zero Unit is also available. You need to email me for that.

More about the topic of our lectures in the next few days.

Be patient, this will pass and we will be back bigger and better!

Giancarlo Aquilanti


For more info contact the Music Director

Giancarlo Aquilanti